Office History

Dr. Edwards graduated from the University of Louisville in 1966. After dental school he completed an internship in Tampa , Florida and served 2 years in the USPHS providing dental care to the serviceman of the U. S. Coast Guard, based in Charleston and the U.S. Merchant Marines.

Dr. Edwards started an independent practice in 1969 at 301 San Marcos Avenue in Sanford, Florida. Upon opening the office, he equipped it with the latest technology and in those first days charged less than fifty dollars for the two patients he saw. In 1988 the office moved to the Marina Isle on Lake Monroe, bringing with it state of the art equipment and services.

Now, we are in transition again. Our present location on the lake will be converted into condominiums. We plan on moving to another office in Sanford but in anticipation we have added new equipment that will help us be more effective in examinations, diagnosis, and treatment. This refurbishing is in part due to our desire to maintain the quality of care that you expect from us. Dr. Edwards' son, David Edwards, completed dental school and joined the practice in July 2007.

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David grew up in Sanford and attended public schools. David graduated from Seminole High School in 1996 and he is also a graduate of Florida State University. His dental education was completed at the University of Florida College of Dentistry thus allowing him to claim "dual citizenship" when it comes to FSU/UF sporting events.

David is continuing to increase his knowledge and practice of holistic dentistry. He currently uses procedures advanced by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. In his desire to obtain first hand knowledge of applying holistic principles to dental practice, he and his dental assistant have visitied several holistic dental offices. He shadowed Dr. Doug Cook, DDS for one week in Suring, Wisconsin. Dr. Cook, an excellent teacher, has 40 years of holistic dental practice experience. David also spent four days with holistic dental pioneer and instructor, Dr. Hal Huggins, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

David is excited about providing his special touch to the dental care of his patients. He is well trained in the latest dental advances and excels in procedures involving repair and cosmetics. David is welcoming new patients and is enjoying sharing in the treatment of office regulars.

Dana, like most of our conventional dental friends, did not have much knowledge of the practice of holistic dentistry when she came in to our office. Hearing our patients recount the stories abou thteir positive experiences interested her. Seeing the successful results of homeopathic remedies such as Arnic and Aconite were strange to her- they weren't prescriptions. Dana has learned the importance of protecting patients as well as the dental team when working with patients who have amalgam restorations removed. To further her knowledge she visited the offices of holistic dentists Dr. Doug Cook and Dr omege replica watches, rolex datejust replica Hal Huggins. She is building skills that will help our office provide you with the highest quality dental care.